ACT: 2 Month “Time Intensive” Study Plan


Our Two Month Study Plans starts on Monday, December 11.

If you’re beginning your ACT preparation a few months in advance, you’ll have lot of time to practice and prepare. As you probably know, extensive practice is very important. However, it’s not the whole picture. In addition, your studying also needs to have some kind of structure that fits your schedule and goals. That’s why we think a study plan is vital for your ACT preparation. A study plan will tell you what you’re going to study, on which days, and for how long. You can also set goals organized around pacing, subject material, and time spent studying!

A study plan provided by out tutoring service will ensures that your studying is comprehensive. Rather than deciding on the spot what you feel like you need to study, a schedule will help you cover all your material and can allow you to track your progress in reasonable chunks. This will spare you exhausting six-hour cramming sessions as you get closer to the test date!

To give you an idea of what your study plan might look like, we’ve created two samples. These examples differ in the amount of time spent each week on studying. The first time intensive study plan sample calendar consists of five to eight hours weekly studying and taking practice tests.

The less time-intensive sample casual study plan sample calendar consists of two sixty-minute study sessions twice a week. Weekends alternate between another two short study or a full practice test. This adds up to three to five hours a week, making it a good option for a busier individual.

If these samples work with your priorities or schedule, we encourage you to print them out and tape them to your desk or planner. You can also print out our blank calendar blank calendar and fill it in yourself! We’ve included winter holidays, important ACT registration deadlines, and room for you to write your own thoughts, notes, and goals. And remember – include break days in your weekly schedule. Breaks are just as important as any work you do, so make sure you take time to relax and take care of yourself on these days – and every other day, too!

Note: Winter Break and Midterms

The winter holidays, winter break, and midterms in December/January present an issue that is unique to the February ACT test date. Depending on the level of intensity you’d like, you can either choose to continue studying full-throttle throughout your winter break or relax your studying a bit. If you choose to relax your studying during these busier periods, however, keep in mind that successful ACT preparation relies on building up your knowledge and familiarity with a very specific testing style. A few days without practice will make a big difference, so even a half hour a few days a week is better than nothing.

For any assistance in preparing for your ACT, contact our tutoring services.

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