A Lifelong Passion for Helping Kids Learn to Succeed

Learn more about the founder of The Whole Kid, a private tutor named Tim Tibbitts:

When I left a teaching job I loved to be home with my young children, I was worried I’d really miss the classroom. And then I had the good fortune of meeting Rory, my first private student. Almost instantly, Rory helped me to see that the one-on-one nature of tutoring allowed me to teach each student in the ways that best helped him or her to make sense of the material.

Before long, more and more parents came to me seeking help for hardworking kids who were nonetheless struggling in school. Increasingly, these requests were in areas outside of my expertise. In 2006, in order to help as many kids as possible, I invited a small group of talented teachers to join me in launching a new, comprehensive tutoring service. Our name came from a thank-you note I received from a mother that summer: “You don’t just see a struggling student,” she said. “You really see the whole kid.”

At the heart of what we do is the individual student – when one of our private tutors sits down with one of our students, magic happens. I crave those “light bulb” moments when students see beyond the work due tomorrow to the skills they are learning, the knowledge they are gaining, through their hard work. These magic moments are what drive me to do my very best to connect each student with the private tutor best suited to help him or her learn to succeed.

–Tim Tibbitts, Founder

Take the time to help your child learn to succeed by appointing a private tutor.

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