Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you work with?

We work with kids who are in 7th thru 12th grade.

What tutoring services do you provide?

We offer three specific tutoring services. We provide subject tutoring, which consists of tutoring kids in a specific subject. For instance, if your child is struggling with AP calculus, then our private tutors can help them perform better in the class. We also prepare students efficiently for the SAT or the ACT as well as other standardized tests he or she needs to take to propel their school career into higher learning. We also help students become stronger and more successful. We assist by creating study habits that are effective, strengthen their organizational skills, and ensure they have a successful transition toward their next level of education. Learn more about our tutoring services to see if we’re the right fit for your student.

What areas do you serve to?

We serve a whole wide range around the Greater Cleveland area. We won’t limit our services to one specific area on the East or West side, but we’re strive to help students in all areas around Cleveland. Below, you’ll find a list of schools with students we’ve helped. If you don’t see the school your child attends, then take the time to reach out to inquire if we serve your area. We want to help any student struggling.

  • Hathaway Brown School
  • Laurel School
  • University School
  • Hawken School
  • Shaker Heights School District
  • Orange School District
  • Beachwood School District
  • Gilmour Academy
  • Beaumont School
  • Fuchs Mizrachi School
  • Saint Ignatius High School
  • Saint Edward High School
  • Magnificat High School
  • Lawrence School
  • Montessori High School
  • And many more!

How often does a student usually meet with a tutor?

Most of our students see their private tutors one time a week. If a student is really struggling, twice a week may be preferred for a while. Private tutors are available to meet students as often as is needed.

Where do The Whole Kid’s tutors meet with students?

Tutoring sessions most often take place in a mutually convenient public location like a library or coffee shop. In special cases, tutors are available to meet students in their private homes as long as a parent is present.

How does The Whole Kid select and hire tutors?

Content expertise goes without saying, but content knowledge alone does not make a good teacher. We are only interested in hiring dedicated professionals who are creative, patient, and share a strong belief that all students can learn as well as deserve to be taught in the way that will help them to best succeed.

Are all of your tutors certified teachers?

No. All of our private tutors are effective teachers. Some of our tutors are current classroom teachers; others are career teachers who have either retired or are on leave from full-time work to be home with their own children. And some of our most effective math and science tutors are actually professional engineers.

Do you have any questions that haven’t been answered? Call us at (216) 991-1707 to inquire about any topics we didn’t address.

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