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Developing Effective Study Habits

School can be rough for anyone, especially during a transitional phase. One of the tutoring services we offer is to help your child develop study habits that will not only carry them throughout middle school or high school, but onto college. For further information about signing up with our tutoring services, call now.

We’ve all had the experience.  At some point, you get to a point where what has always worked no longer works.  For many students, that point is the transition from middle school to high school, from public to private, or the biggest transition from high school to college.   

For TWK founder Tim Tibbitts, that point was the transition from high school to college.  “The gap between the level of rigor at my high school and at Brown was bigger than my ladder,” Tim quips.  “And I didn’t even know how to reach out for help.  Sure, everyone needs to learn from a few skinned knees, but if someone can provide the guidance to speed up that learning curve, the difference can be profoundly positive.”

Our tutors work hard to help students to learn the skills, habits and attitudes necessary to be successful in high school and beyond, including effective time management, organization, and taking an active study approach to mastering material along the way (rather than last-minute cramming).   

“Rather than encouraging dependence on tutoring, we believe that a good tutor is always trying to work his or her way out of a job,” Tim says.  “I believe that’s why so many family’s choose to come back to The Whole Kid again.”

The Whole Kid’s publications provide thought-provoking material for parents and students:

Tips For Becoming A Successful Student: This includes studying, transitioning to a new learning environment, preparing the night before a test, strengthening learning skills, and SAT and ACT prep tips to ensure your child is doing everything they can to excel.

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