Subject-Specific Tutoring


Subject-Specific Content Tutoring in Every Subject

One of our tutoring services is to help your child focus on one specific subject. If your child is struggling in one specific subject, then our tutoring services will help he or she target the area that is giving them the most trouble. If your child is struggling with subject-specific content, then contact us today to learn more how we can help.

While our goal is first and foremost to help each student to become independently successful in his or her academic efforts, when the need arises for a little extra help untangling a challenging subject, our team of tutors is here to help.  Whether it’s getting traction in Spanish III, untangling the mysteries of AP Chemistry or Calculus, or learning how to be an effective writer across the disciplines, The Whole Kid has tutors who specialize in supporting students efforts in every high school subject at every level.

Working with The Whole Kid tutoring services helps students:

  • Learn to achieve their full academic and intellectual potential;
  • Tackle a tough course in any subject at any level;
  • Develop their skills as competent, fluent, and passionate readers;
  • Get organized and stay organized;
  • Get the most out of class notes and assigned readings; and
  • Develop winning approaches to college essays.

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