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Teenage Students Raising Hands

The Whole Kid


Our mission is to help motivated students use their achievement to open doors to best fit colleges, ideally with merit money. 

In service to that mission, our tutors support student efforts in every high school subject, in the development of effective study habits, and in ACT/SAT prep.

What we offer is not simply homework help. Our goal is to empower kids to be successful on their own. Thus, a great tutor is always looking for opportunities to work herself out of a job.


There are various “pinch points” over the course of a school career when some high-impact tutoring can make a big difference in a student’s success, including:

  • Transitioning to high school
  • Getting traction in a particularly difficult subject/course 
  • ACT/SAT Prep
  • Leaving the nest and transitioning to college


Tim Tibbitts and his team have been helping students hit their goal scores on the ACT and SAT for more than fifteen years.  In that time, we’ve developed a very clear sense of what works:

Diagnostics: Figuring Out Your Starting Point. It is critical to assess where students are starting from in order to help them to set meaningful goals and to guide them in their efforts to reach those goals. We use 10th grade practice PSAT scores, proctored and informal practice tests, and tutor observations to get a clear sense of a student’s strengths and challenges as well as her approach to the test.
Setting Meaningful Goals. Taking into consideration a student’s growing understanding of the admissions expectations of colleges of interest, we then work together to set appropriate goals and to build on areas of relative strength and to bolster areas of relative weakness.  
Commitment to Lots of Quality Practice. Students must engage regularly in deliberate practice that stretches their skills and gives them regular feedback on their progress.  A great tutor can create a sense of focus, direction, and forward momentum to speed up a student’s learning curve, but—as with tennis or piano lessons—no matter how great a tutor is, success comes only to those students willing to put in the hard work between sessions.


School can be rough for anyone, especially during a transitional phase. Our tutoring services help kids develop study habits that will not only carry them throughout middle school or high school, but onto college. 

Our tutors help students learn how to:
  • Implement effective time-management practices

  • Put organizational habits into practice 

  • Avoid cramming by taking an active mastery approach 

  • Continue these practices on their own, long after completion of their tutoring sessions 

At some point, most of us reach a point where what has always worked no longer works. For many students, that point is the transition from middle school to high school, from public to private, or the biggest transition from high school to college. Your son or daughter doesn't need to struggle alone. The Whole Kid can help!


Our tutors are busy right now working with students in virtually every high school subject at every level, including:

  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics, from intro through AP

  • English & Writing

  • Foreign Language

  • History (including APUSH and AP World), Econ, and Gov.

  • Math through AP Calculus

  • Reading support/Content-area reading

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