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Our ACT and SAT prep tutoring programs are highly tailored to each student's strengths, goals and schedule. We've been in the business of helping students shine —and opening doors to best-fit colleges and to merit scholarships— for more than 20 years. 

In that time, we’ve developed a very clear sense of what works:

Determine Our Starting Point:

Using 10th grade practice PSAT scores, proctored and informal practice tests, and tutor observations, we'll gain a clearer sense of the student’s strengths and challenges.

Set Meaningful Goals:

We'll work together to create a plan for building on areas of strength and bolstering areas of weakness, taking into consideration colleges of interest and admissions expectations.

Commitment to Quality Practice:

A great tutor can create a sense of focus, direction, and forward momentum to speed up a student’s learning curve, but—as with tennis or piano lessons—no matter how great a tutor is, success comes only to those students willing to put in the hard work between sessions.


Students Taking Exams
Montessori HS Parent,
Cleveland Hts.

“As a parent it was really helpful to have a knowledgeable and teen-friendly tutor work with my daughter.  Her scores improved dramatically after working with The Whole Kid, so that she now can more confidently apply to her school of choice.”

Shaker Heights High School Alumna, Class of 2008

“I am writing to tell you about my test results. I really appreciate all the help you gave me. I think that the biggest and most important thing that I took away from our sessions was a method for approaching the test, something that I didn’t have before. I really enjoyed studying with you.”

College Students

Hawken HS Parent,


“Your skills in preparing our daughter for the PSAT/SAT and college essays were outstanding! She went from a 55 in the reading section on her sophomore year PSAT to a perfect score on the SAT, which was incredible! I would highly recommend The Whole Kid to anyone who wants to improve test scores, essays and overall classroom performance!”


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