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Maggie Mills, Chagrin Falls HS '20

“Working with Mr. Tibbitts has been the highlight of my senior year. After exhausting my high school’s English curriculum, I was looking for a course to take senior year. Together, we designed a “Great Books” literature course, and through this course, my writing and ability to analyze literature has improved tremendously. Mr. Tibbitts gave me the flexibility to work on projects that I enjoyed, but also pushed me to work on writing or reading things that were difficult or unfamiliar. The experience was made all the richer as Mr. Tibbitts often used his knowledge of art, music, theater, and other areas to enrich our interpretation of certain texts. Through this process, I have gained confidence in my ability to thrive in a top-tier academic environment.”

Annie Ames, HB and Lehigh University alumna

"Since I’ve been using Tim Tibbitts as a tutor, I have learned to not be so picky about the first draft of my writing. I have learned to free-write, to jot down all my thoughts without worrying about the perfection of my sentences. I have also learned to not overgeneralize, but rather, to analyze a passage to its fullest. Tim has always been very accessible and always finds time to talk, even when he is really busy, which I really appreciate.  I don’t know what I would have done without Tim’s help these past few years.”

Anna Dombrovskaya, Kirtland

“When we met Tim Tibbitts last spring, my son was absolutely sure that he was UNABLE to perform in math class, just because of his nature. After a few lessons with Tim, the grade has changed, and also his attitude. My son started enjoying math class and finally believed in himself. Tim Tibbitts has a unique ability to build a relationship with a student. The bond he creates helps student succeed. My son is an example.”

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our students and parents have to say about hiring some of the best tutors in the Greater Cleveland area from The Whole Kid’s transformative tutoring services:

Michele S., Hawken parent

“Your skills in preparing our daughter for the PSAT/SAT and college essays were outstanding! You were able to teach her how to “chunk” the critical reading section passages into pieces, you were able to identify which types of vocabulary she was consistently getting wrong, and were able to teach her the Latin roots and the vocabulary necessary, all of which significantly improved her scores! She went from a 55 in the reading section on her sophomore year PSAT to a perfect score on the SAT, which was incredible! The Whole Kid was also able to provide my daughter with a physics tutor, who was so much more than just a tutor. She was a female physicist and was really able to teach in addition to being a brilliant role model. I would highly recommend The Whole Kid to anyone who wants to improve test scores, essays and overall classroom performance!”

Alexis Christie, Chagrin Falls HS ’20

“Working with Mr. Tibbitts has been one of my best academic experiences of all time. Being able to help craft exactly what I wanted to dive into and focus on the things that interested me the most was so fulfilling and engaging. With his knowledge and guidance, I really developed a great perspective on lots of new ways to look at novels and writing, and it was really an amazing year!”

Raizel Michelow, Fuchs Mizrachi School parent

“Tim Tibbitts and the Whole Kid have made a very strong impact on how my son approaches reading, writing and test taking.  The Whole Kid offers pragmatic strategies for tackling challenging assignments. These techniques have proven to be invaluable as my son travels through high school.  I refer to these techniques as “classroom combat” skills.  I am certain these skills will be of great use to my teen in college and beyond.”

Jim Garrett, English chair, University School

“There’s nobody I trust more to review a manuscript, guide a young writer, or encourage my own writing than Tim Tibbitts. A booklover, a published writer, and an experienced teacher, Tibbitts is an inspiration to me, to other writers, and to the students he teaches and tutors.”

University School mother, Hunting Valley

“Our son has done well in school as a result of your coaching and organizational advice. He was struggling last year, and the help your group gave him last spring allowed him to finish his Freshman year on a high note and gave him the much needed confidence to start the Sophomore year well. He is engaged this year and appreciates the help.”

St. Edward’s father, Avon Lake

“Your ability to triage our son’s specific needs was a very important first step. We could have picked a tutor on our own without professional assistance, and it would have been hit or miss. You based your selection of a tutor on our son’s specific needs, and in a short period of time, his reading comprehension skills improved significantly.”

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