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We offer a highly individualized approach to helping each student to progress from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be. We use diagnostic testing to gauge where a student is, we help students set target scores, and—through quality instruction and ample independent practice—we help our students to hit those targets.

Our tutors help students learn the skills, habits and attitudes necessary to be successful in high school and beyond, including effective time management, organization, and taking an active study approach to mastering material along the way (rather than last-minute cramming).

Whether it’s getting traction in Spanish III, untangling the mysteries of AP Chemistry or Calculus, or learning how to be an effective writer across the disciplines, The Whole Kid has tutors who specialize in supporting students efforts in every high school subject at every level.

Michele S., Hawken parent

"Your skills in preparing our daughter for the PSAT/SAT and college essays were outstanding!"
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