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Do You Have the ACT & SAT on Your Radar?

Do you have these upcoming test dates on your calendar? Have you registered to take the ACT or SAT, yet? Scroll down for test tips and registration deadlines that you won't want to miss!

Set Yourself Up for Success: Follow These Tips

Practice early and often—untimed first, then timed as the test date gets closer—in order to become thoroughly familiar with both the content and the format of the test.

Time for a trial: Most juniors will be taking the real SAT (12/1) or ACT (12/8) for the first time in just about a month. So, now it's time for a trial run under test conditions, and a chance to build up the endurance required to get through several hours of testing in a single morning.

Become a detective: Self-grade every practice section, and make note of the types of problems you’re missing.  Then find a way to learn (or relearn) how to do those types of problems. They’re going to keep showing up, and your goal must be to get more of them correct each time.

Practice the way you plan to play: Make sure your calculator is an acceptable one, and use it consistently to get very comfortable with how it works.  Also, once you’re ready to work on timed sections, use #2 pencils and bubble in your answers, the way you’ll have to on test day.  

Nothing can replace quality practice: To become really good at anything—sports, music, academics—you need to practice, practice, practice.  The single most important thing students can do to get ready for the ACT or SAT is to do quality practice.  Practice the components, practice the skills, practice for the performance.

Students are more than the sum of their test scores: ACT or SAT scores are but one of many components of a student’s overall academic record/college admissions portfolio. These scores do not measure a young person’s innate worth, likelihood of success in life, or likelihood of happy life, and we should be mindful of helping them to keep that perspective.

Mark Your Calendar: Test Dates & Registration Deadlines

Register for the ACT or SAT online today!


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