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6 Helpful Resources for Students Taking the ACT/SAT

Updated: Feb 5

Scoring well on the ACT and SAT can impact your chances of college admissions and can even qualify you for certain scholarships, making it essential that you do your best to get the highest score you can. This much pressure can make preparing for these tests a stressful time for everyone, students and parents alike. What’s the best way to prepare? How do I practice? Should I hire a tutor?

Here are some helpful resources, full of expert advice and answers to frequently asked questions about taking, preparing for, and improving your score on the ACT/SAT.

1. Do I need an ACT/SAT tutor?

Even for the best students out there, whether it be a standardized test or a subject in school, test taking is tough. There are several good ways to study on your own, but sometimes having a little extra help from a tutor is all you need to improve your scores and reach your goals.

2. Am I eligible for testing accommodations on the ACT or SAT?

The ACT and SAT are standardized tests, which means every student is tested on the same concepts and skills. These tests are standardized in order to compare the performance of large numbers of students. Making sure to secure testing accommodations for your documented learning, mental, or physical disability will ensure you’re able to perform to your highest ability on a standardized test.

3. Should I take the SAT or the ACT?

We recommend you take 2-3 practice ACT and SAT tests—including at least one of each under simulated test conditions—before deciding which one is better for you. After taking a number of practice tests, most students have a clear preference.

4. How do I keep from running out of time while taking the ACT/SAT?

The most important factor is familiarity with the test. Both the ACT and SAT are highly predictable tests. What you see on (official) practice tests is what you’re going to see on test day, and the more familiar you are with their content and format, the better prepared you’ll be to work through passages and problems efficiently. Practice, practice, practice!

5. Why should I take the ACT or SAT seriously when so many colleges are going test-optional?

Many scholarships are (still) tied directly to test scores. The desire to gain admission to a highly competitive college or university is a big reason students work hard to put their best foot forward on college entrance exams, but it’s not the only reason. Even in places where submitting scores is optional for admission, a strong showing on the ACT or SAT can bring significant reduction in tuition, and many outside scholarship opportunities use test scores a criterion for selection.

6. When is the next ACT/SAT test date?

Find upcoming ACT and SAT test dates and registration deadlines below.

Still struggling to get the test scores you want?

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