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An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Updated: Feb 5

College Now Greater Cleveland, Ohio's oldest and largest college access organization, is seeking volunteer mentors to work with its scholarship recipients.

The goal of the program is to serve as your student's retention/graduation coach and first person on his or her Board of Directors. The program has been incredibly impactful. Over the last three years, College Now scholarship recipients persist at an average of 92% from freshman to sophomore year, 86% from sophomore to junior year, and 82% from junior to senior year. Among the Class of 2013 cohort (the first year in which participation in the program became mandatory for scholarship recipients), 66% have already graduated, a full year ahead of the national six-year on-time rate for four-year degrees. Mentors are matched based on shared interests—as determined by a combination of your application and our scholarship recipient (all done online), as well as a brief phone interview and a reference check. To sign up for the program, visit:


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