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Meet TWK Tutor: Dave Bell

Updated: Feb 5

As a former high school teacher and soccer coach, Dave is no novice when it comes to working with teens. His sense of humor makes study sessions something to look forward to, and since his superpower is analyzing practice tests, he's always helping his students reach new heights.

My Degrees & Education

  • B.A. from Williams College

  • J.D. from Case Western Reserve University​

My Subject Expertise

  • ACT & SAT Prep

  • Various Subjects

"When I was teaching and coaching soccer in NJ, some of my soccer players decided it would be fun to pull a prank. They went to the faculty parking lot, picked up my VW Beetle, and moved it into the woods near the lot. No harm was done, so we had a good laugh and no additional hill sprints were required!"

Tell us about your work.

I taught high school English for 10 years, then decided to change careers. I moved from NJ to Ohio to attend CWRU Law School, and spent the next 30 years practicing law and government relations. Now I enjoy tutoring and coaching.

Why do you enjoy tutoring?

I have always enjoyed working with students - as a teacher, a coach, and a tutor. I derive great satisfaction in knowing that I have played a part in helping them discover what they can achieve. My absolute favorite part of working with students is getting to see the look on their faces when they realize how much they have accomplished!

What’s the key to your approach to helping students to meet their test prep goals?

To me the key to is understanding that students have different strengths and challenges, as well as different dreams - for the standardized test they have elected to take, for the college or university they hope to attend, and for their future. To me, the key to being an effective tutor for The Whole Kid is helping students to realize that, through hard work and quality practice, they really can learn to master the test.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reading, especially biographies and history. I usually have 3-4 book going at any time.

Interested in working with Dave and rest of The Whole Kid team? Contact us to learn how we can help your student reach their full potential!


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